Reading to the Beat!

“In the 1960’s, Dr. Georgi Lozanov and Evelyna Gateva researched ways to increase memory abilities including the use of music in the classroom. Their successes caught the attention of the world. Teaching techniques developed from their creative experiments and today we have a solid format for effective multisensory and whole brain learning called Accelerated Learning. This book does not describe the full philosophy or method designed by Lozanov. It will, however, draw upon the knowledge of music in Lozanov’s method to share successful ways of using music for learning.” Music and Learning by Chris Boyd Brewer

After reading this article about Chris Brewer’s book Music and Learning I was reminded of a fourth grade teacher I studied under in my practicum. The teacher would start the day with classical music playing as the students arrived and copied down their work. When I asked the teacher why he used this method he explained that the music helped set the tone for a calm learning environment.

Towards the end of my observation the teacher used music during language arts for a writing assignment. The students had to use the music to help themselves compose a writing assignment. While the students worked the teacher pointed out different sounds and then gave several examples of how those sounds could give them ideas. For example in this particular jazz music composition the music was loud and confusing. The teacher told the students those sounds could help them write about watching moving traffic on the highway.

As I search the web about music to teach literacy, I get excited. After seeing music used in the classroom I want to learn as much as I can. I want to incorporate music in my future classroom as well.


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